Unconditional love, doubled

Raise money with your virtual collection box and make twice the difference in Mozambique

Until 24 April 2021, the UK government is doubling your donations to the Unconditional Appeal. By using our Virtual Collection Box to set up a church collection or your own fundraising challenge, you can have twice the impact on communities affected by leprosy in Mozambique. Find our more about the Unconditional Appeal here

Three simple steps to changing lives

1. Create your page

Choose a photo from our selection, set a fundraising target, use our template or add your own information about what you’re doing to support The Leprosy Mission. Make sure you encourage your community to join you in making a difference!

2. Share with your friends

Send the link to your page to everyone you’d like to get involved! You could share it on social media, by email or send it to people attending an online church event. They’ll be able to donate and help you reach your goal.

3. Transform lives

The money you raise means you'll be joining a network of Leprosy Changemakers determined to make leprosy a thing of the past in Mozambique. Together, we'll stop at nothing to end leprosy transmission, disability, and discrimination. While supporting some of the world's poorest people today, your gifts will transform the lives of future generations too. 

Ideas for Fundraising

Perhaps you’re setting up a virtual collection box to raise funds following a talk from a Leprosy Mission speaker or to help your church reach a fundraising target. But if you want to run a sponsored event instead, why not be inspired by some of our ideas?

  • Get moving with a walking challenge or bike ride
  • Hold an online quiz
  • Donate your birthday or another special occasion and ask your family and friends to give instead of buying presents
  • Get a group together for an online murder mystery evening

Your Gifts in Action

If you raise £322, this will be doubled by the UK government to £644 to fund two community health camps. Your gift will help people to understand the misconceptions of leprosy, dispel fears and ensure everyone is welcome in the community, as well as making sure people are diagnosed and cured. 

Raising £538 will provide training for a nurse so that they can cure and treat people with leprosy. They will work with individuals to make sure that every person gets the medical care they need. Until 24 April, your gift of £538 will be matched by the UK government to £1076 to provide training for two nurses. 

Meeting a fundraising target of £5,000 will be doubled by the UK government to £10,000. This will build, equip and staff a Community Hub to run for a whole year in a village in rural Mozambique. A hub is a centre of hope and healing where everyone is welcome. People will use hubs for healthcare, wellbeing services and job training, equipping them to fight leprosy and poverty. They'll also learn about protecting their crops and livelihoods from the impact of extreme weather. 

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Sevenoaks Churches
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Raised £670.00