With our celebrity hosts, Joan Kelley Walker, Rod Black, and Ben Mulroney, we are very excited to announce the 2021 Poker Run prize winners.

 Top Three Fundraising Teams:

  1.  First Place Team: Simonot’s Unsinkable 2 - $12,193
  2.  Second Place Team: Domenici’s Lake Joe Poker Run for CNIB - $6,047
  3.  Third Place Team: CNIB Lake Joe Advisory Board - $4,185

 Top Seven Poker Hands:

  1.  NKS Health First Place Winner: Norma and John MacDonald (Five Queens)
  2.  Accessible Media Inc. Second Place Winner: Peggi Shepherd (Royal Flush)
  3.  Ellis Packaging Inc. Third Place Winner: Will Miller (Straight Flush)
  4.  Mantella Corporation Fourth Place Winner: David Hull (Four Queens)
  5.  Susan Creasy Financial Inc. Fifth Place Winner: Sophie Barry (Full House)
  6.  Sofina Foundation Sixth Place Winner: Heretic Spirits (Full House)
  7.  Budget Propane Corp. Seventh Place Winner: Lisa & Neil Skelding (Full House)

Congratulations to all! A CNIB representative will reach out to all winners directly this week with more information and to coordinate the delivery of prizes.