About Our Organization

What does Big Brothers Big Sisters Do?

As the nation's largest donor and volunteer supported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters makes meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers ('Bigs') and children ('Littles'), ages 7 through 18.  In communities across the country we develop positive relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people. Professionally trained Big Brothers Big Sisters staff members work with our partners in education, social justice, and juvenile justice organizations to find children facing adversity and assess how our programs can have the greatest impact. Big Brothers Big Sisters targets the children who need us most, including those living in single parent homes, growing up in poverty, and coping with parental incarceration.


How does this event help Big Brothers Big Sisters?

When you participate in Toss for Kids' Sake, you have the power to change lives for the better, forever. We rely on the money raised from Toss for Kids' Sake to carry out the work of carefully matching children with caring adult mentors and providing ongoing support to the child, volunteer mentor and child's family. Today you can register to bowl or donate to our efforts to change the life of a child forever!


How does a Big becomes a Big and a Little, a Little?

Before we make a match, we do our homework. After someone expresses an interest in becoming a Big, they go through a background check and careful interview process. Then we match Bigs and Littles based on location, personalities, and preferences.  From the start we provide full support, so matches can grow into lasting, impactful friendships. The entire matching process is made possible through donations; we can't do what we do best without them!


What do Bigs and Littles do together? 

Each match is unique. Getting together doesn't require a special occasion or expensive activity, just a few hours every month doing things the Little and Big already enjoy. For example: playing catch; reading books; going to a museum; or providing advice and inspiration.  Some Bigs meet their Littles on the weekends. Others get together with their Littles in the evenings. Each match develops a schedule that works for them. Sometimes the best place for enjoying activities together is at the child's school and the best part is, it can be a great learning experience, in or out of the classroom.


For more information

Please call the BBBS of Santa Cruz County office at (831) 464-8691.  You can click here to find out about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister in Santa Cruz County or click here to find out about enrolling a child.  Fill out the short online application and a case manager will call you to discuss the programs.