Join us for this bean bag toss challenge (aka cornhole) on June 26th  


What is corn hole?

Cornhole (aka bean bag toss) is a fun, outdoor game where two teams face off against each other. Teams consist of 2 people each and they take turns tossing bean bags at boards with a hole towards the top. Teams receive points for how close they get to the hole in the board and the first team to reach 21 points wins. Today you can register to play or donate to our efforts to change the life of a child forever!

How does the event work? 

Register online or contact us at [email protected] if you prefer to fundraise off-line. Once you have created your team and individual page invite three (or more) friends to join you and create their own fundraising pages. Send out your website to friends, co-workers and family to collect donations. 

On the day of the event you will arrive just before your chosen time slot to check in at the registration table at Harvey West Park. This outdoor game for all ages is also known as a bean bag toss game and easily allows for social distancing and we will have lanes organized to maintain safe distances between teams.  Regardless of how small or big your fundraising team is bring your favorite three friends for a 1 hour corn hole time slot.

Have more than 4 players? Register for two teams and sign up for the same time slot so you can play together! Once registered collect donations from friends, co-workers, family or anyone else in your network.

Team members on teams that have raised more than $200 will recieve a T-shirt in addition to a small bag of prizes that includes 2 raffle tickets, a token for 1 game of bowling at Boardwalk Bowl, a token for Marianne's Ice Cream and other gifts.

What else will be at the event? 

Cornhole lanes will be spaced out to allow teams to socially distance from one another. Throughout the day there will be prizes for the biggest fundraiser and other categories. The will be a regular raffle where participants can win prizes as well as the Cornhole in One game where participants get the chance to win 1 night at the Dream Inn along with a package of wine and chocolate. Arrive early or stay late to enjoy food from Pono Hawaiian and beer from Discretion Brewing at the nearby picnic area.

How does scoring work in cornhole? 

  • There are 4 Players with 2 on each team.
  • Boards should be placed 24ft apart (front to front)
  • Team partners face each other from opposite boards
  • Each Team plays with a set of 4 bags. Each Team has its own color. 
  • Opponents alternate tosses until all 8 bags are played. 
  • The round is then scored by: 1 point earned for a bag on the board, 3 points earned  if the bag goes through the hole. The overall score is determined by calculating the difference between team totals for the round. (e.g. Team-A throws 1 bag into hole, 1 on board and 2 off board=4 points. Team-B throws 1 bag board, 2 off board= 1point. Score of that round= 4-1=3. Team A Scores 3 points that round.)
  • After scoring the round, repeat play from opposite boards. The scoring team from the previous round throws first. 
  • First team to 21 or more points wins!