Our 2020 collection has more paddles than ever before, with categories inspired by our artists’ stories, designs and inspiration! Which one appeals to you?

Interested in sponsoring an available category listed here? Please email [email protected] for more information.

child wearing captain america costume

Frontline Heroes Category sponsored by Maxine Granovsky Gluskin & Ira Gluskin: Paddles inspired by or created in collaboration with our heroes working throughout the pandemic to help kids and families stay safe.

teenager playing basketball

Sports Category sponsored by Rogers: Championships, feats of athleticism, and heartwarming sportsmanship, represented on each paddle.

child making art with paint

Arts & Culture Category: Paddles without boundaries; unique artistic centerpieces created in a variety of mediums for any space.

child playing guitar

Celebrity Category: Paddles with a cherished autograph or featuring one of the greats, designed by or in collaboration with your favourite stars.

kids playing a drawing together

Emerging Artist Category: Featuring paddles with a vision of what could be, created by emerging talent who inspire creativity, imagination, and strength.

teenager fishing at camp

The Great Outdoors Category: Featuring paddles inspired by the world around us, evoking the beauty and grace of the natural elements.

kids wearing costumes

Fashion & Design Category: Paddles designed to be on trend and timeless, bringing inspiration from runways and street style into any space.

girl dancing outside

The Magic of Childhood Category: Paddles to delight and inspire children and families, bringing imagination and joy to any room.