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Mission and values

The Salvation Army is an international Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible; its ministry is motivated by love for God and the needs of humanity.

Mission Statement

The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.

Core Values

  • Hope: We give hope through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Service: We reach out to support others without discrimination.
  • Dignity: We respect and value each other, recognizing everyone’s worth.
  • Stewardship: We responsibly manage the resources entrusted to us.

History of the Kettles

In 1891, Captain Joseph McFee wanted to help vulnerable people in San Francisco, especially during the Christmas season, but he had no funds to do so. He remembered, during his earlier days as a sailor in Liverpool, England, seeing a large iron kettle where passengers of boats that docked tossed coins in to help the poor. Captain McFee suspended a similar pot from a tripod at the Oakland Ferry Landing and encouraged the public to “Keep the Pot Boiling.” He collected enough money to host a Christmas dinner for the poor.

Canada’s first kettle was used in Toronto in 1903. Today, the familiar kettles and kettle workers (or ‘bell ringers’) are seen in more than 2,000 locations nationwide. For more than 100 years the annual Christmas Kettle Campaign has been a great way for people to help others in need in their local community through the work of The Salvation Army.

About the Kettles

The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign is one of Canada’s largest and most recognizable annual charitable events. In addition to the critical fundraising impact of the Campaign, the Christmas kettles boost the Army’s visibility and awareness. In fact, there are more than 2,000 kettle locations across Canada that support a wide range of Salvation Army programs.

For many Canadians, the Christmas kettles are their only point of contact with The Salvation Army all year. According to public opinion polling, more than half of all Salvation Army donors list “giving to a Christmas kettle” as their primary method of giving to The Salvation Army.

Furthermore, the Army relies on the co-operation of numerous retail partners to ensure the ongoing success of this campaign. Continued goodwill from these retail partners is critical.


What is The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign?

The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign is a fundraising effort that occurs each year during the Christmas season. Kettles are found in nearly 2,000 locations across Canada and are an opportunity for the public to donate whatever funds they can to support the work of The Salvation Army during the Christmas season and throughout the year.

What is FilltheKettle.com?

FilltheKettle.com is a microsite owned and operated by The Salvation in Canada that contains all necessary information to support the work of The Salvation Army using the online environment. Visitors can:

  • Donate online directly to kettles located across Canada.
  • Host your own online kettle, encouraging friends and family to donate.

Once you visit www.FilltheKettle.com, simply choose your option and follow the steps to participate in The Salvation Army’s 2020 Christmas Campaign.

Why doesn't my log-in from last year work this year?

Salvation Army has changed systems for this year's Fill-the-Kettle campaign. Please register to create a new log-in. 

What happens to the money raised?

For too many Canadians, the necessities of life needed for basic human dignity are out of reach. Poverty is the root cause that puts dignity out of reach for millions of Canadians, making access to everyday needs, like food, clothing and shelter, difficult.

Funds raised through donations made at Christmas kettles, together with other sources of funds, help provide direct, compassionate, hands-on service to approximately 1.9 million people each year in Canada, restoring hope and dignity to those who might otherwise remain invisible in society.

How does The Salvation Army determine where the funds raised will be used?

While Salvation Army Christmas kettles can be found all across Canada, each Christmas kettle location is organized and managed by a local Salvation Army unit. In the case of physical kettles, the funds stay in the community in which they were donated and are used to support local Salvation Army programs. Donations to an online kettle hosted by those who sign up are allocated to the community of the donor’s postal code.

How do people receive tax receipts for their online donation?

The online system will automatically generate an official, government approved e-receipt accompanied by an email thanking the donor for their generous support of the work of The Salvation Army. The process typically only takes a few minutes at which point the transaction is complete.

What is an online kettle?

The Salvation Army Kettle Campaign began in 1891 in San Francisco and remains a vital part of The Salvation Army’s fundraising campaign. Throughout the Christmas season, supporters of The Salvation Army are encouraged to become a virtual bell-ringer by hosting their own online kettle. This is an easy to use online tool that allows participants to customize their own kettle webpage and invite others via email to donate to The Salvation Army.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you are investing in the future of marginalized and overlooked people in your community.

Is there a registration fee to participate?

No. There is no registration fee to host a virtual Salvation Army kettle. We are very thankful for our online bell-ringers and more are always welcome.

How difficult is it to raise money online?

It is extremely easy. Once you, follow the registration steps, customize your page with photos and/or video, then simply send out a few emails to your family, friends and coworkers explaining why you are giving hope today by hosting your own online kettle.

Those who choose to support your online kettle will be asked to make a secure online donation using their credit card or PayPal. Please note that donations made to a personal kettle will be used in the donor’s area of residence, which may not be the same as that of the person hosting the kettle.

How do I send out emails? How do I get others to donate to The Salvation Army using my virtual kettle?

Simply click on ‘Sign up’ and follow the directions. From there you can send out personal emails containing a link to your customized kettle webpage inviting others to help fill your kettle.

I would like to send my invitations to help fill my online kettle. Can I use my own email account? (i.e. Yahoo!, Gmail, Lotus Notes or Outlook)
Yes! If you prefer just send one email to yourself using the steps outlined above and then forward that email to everyone within your online address book using your own Yahoo!, Gmail, Lotus Notes or Outlook account.

After I send out my first emails or after I start receiving donations via my online kettle, can I send out more emails?

Absolutely. We encourage participants to send out as many messages as possible telling those you know about why you are supporting the work of The Salvation Army by hosting your own online kettle.

If I can’t log-in, forgot my Username or Password, what can I do?

If you’ve forgotten your Username, try checking the confirmation email we sent you when you registered to host a virtual kettle as it is in that email. If you can’t find your confirmation email or need us to resend your Username, please contact us via email at donor.questions@salvationarmy.ca.

If you’ve forgotten your Password, you can reset it yourself by going to our Start Page and clicking on the link just below the Login button. If you need additional Username and/or Password assistance, please contact us via email at donor.questions@salvationarmy.ca.

Should I send out my own thank-you every time a donation is made via my online kettle?

This is not necessary as an automatic thank-you email from you to each donor who makes an online donation via your online kettle will be sent. However, if you would like to send a personal note of thanks, please feel free.

What should I do if someone gives me cash or a cheque instead of contributing to my online kettle?

Please encourage them to donate via your online kettle, but if they prefer to only give by cash or cheque please ask them to send these gifts to The Salvation Army unit closest to them or mail them to:

The Salvation Army,
2 Overlea Blvd.,
Toronto, ON M4H 1P4.

How can I volunteer my time on a kettle in my community?

If you would like to become a volunteer bell-ringer, please visit www.SalvationArmy.ca/volunteer.