Each day, we'll be sharing new posts on our social media pages for you to share with your followers!

LINK SHARING NOTE: Make sure to share your personal link when resharing our posts or sharing any of the posts below (or have your owners search for your page after clicking the DONATE button) so you get credit for your donations!

To find your personal profile link, visit your personal 10 for 10 donation page (Listed as YOUR NAME'S 10 for 10 in the dropdown menu) and copy and paste the link that looks like this: https://amplify.netdonor.net/6821/10-for-10/41459/YOURNAMES-10-for-10

The most effective way to seek donations is often a direct ask as opposed to a general post.

If you aren't having any luck, try tagging people in your posts or sending them direct messages. Or...



When viewing your profile on a MOBILE DEVICE, you can even ask for donations via TEXT!

Just click on the Orange Speech Bubble Button while viewing your personal profile or dashboard. A new text with your personal fundraising link will automatically open, then you can either create your own message or copy and paste our example text below!

Hey! I'm fundraising for Big Brothers Big Sisters and would appreciate your support. Can you make a donation of just $10 or more at the link below to help me defend the potential of children in our community?



Sharing - Reshare the posts on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) each day! Just make sure to include a link to your personal page so your donors know which page to contribute to.

Facebook Fundraisers - Donations made through FB fundraising are acceptable. However, it will be the fundraiser's responsibility to update their 10 for $10 profile totals accordingly by entering Facebook donations as offline donations via their fundraiser dashboard.