About 10 for $10 


  • On October 10, we will kick off our second annual 10 for $10 fundraiser!

  • We are recruiting Bigs and other BBBS supporters to become Defenders, asking that each participant attempt to raise 10 - $10 donations (or more!) over the course of 10 days (Oct. 10-19)

  • There are fun perks for participants who meet the $100 goal, including a BBBS T-Shirt and chances to win cool prizes, like UK Basketball tickets, unique shopping experiences, and more! More info coming soon...

  • Not only is it easy to get involved, it's also a lot of fun! There will be a series of additional challenges throughout the campaign with added incentives for fundraisers.

  • 10 for $10 is primarily an online campaign, with options to receive donations by credit or debit via web browser or text, but Defenders may also accept checks or cash donations and enter them as Offline Donations. We will supply Defenders with a series of graphics and posts that can be shared on social media throughout the campaign. (There is still an option to participate if you don’t have access/prefer not to use the internet for fundraising. Contact Afton Fairchild at 859-231-8181 or afairchild@bbbs-bluegrass.org for more information.)




    1) FROM SEPTEMBER 10 - OCT 10: Sign up to become a Defender (OR) make a general site donation by clicking the green DONATE button on the 10 for $10 homepage.

    While the campaign officially begins on 10/10, you may still sign up to become a Defender at any point before the end of the campaign at 11:59 p.m. on 10/19.

    2) AFTER SIGNING UP: We'll provide Defenders with posts to share with friends, family, coworkers, etc., to encourage them to support BBBS by making donations of $10 or more on a Defender's personal fundraising page. When sharing, please use the hashtag #10toDefend!

    3) BETWEEN OCT 10 - OCT 19: Share, share, SHARE! For 10 days, Defenders will attempt to raise 10 donations of $10 or more on their personal fundraising profiles. That's one a day... It's that simple! Keep in mind that there will be daily challenges in addition to overall goals, so be sure to keep your posts going through the end of the campaign, even if you reach your goal!

    4) AFTER THE CAMPAIGN: Defenders who reach certain fundraising goals will...
    • EARN COOL PERKS! Check back soon for info on perks for 2019!

    • MEET YOUR $100 GOAL? In addition to the perks listed above, you'll receive a ticket to enter in to win cool prizes! More info coming soon!
    • For each $50 you raise over the $100 goal, you will receive an additional prize ticket!
    • For each person you refer who signs up to complete the challenge and raises at least $20, you will receive an additional prize ticket!
    • The Defender who raises the most money will also receive 5 extra prize tickets, special recognition during our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, and two free tickets to the 2021 Fly Away Bash!


Please consider making a donation of $10 or more by clicking the green DONATE button above.