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You can help nature thrive near your home. This virtual fundraising event is focused on connecting with nature near your home. You can grow greenery at home and nurture nature in the same way that it is nurturing us during this stressful time.

Take Root and Nurture Nature at Home. By restoring nature near your home you will be strengthening your local ecosystem, helping restore biodiversity, nurturing nature, staying close to home, and helping raise money for Nature Canada’s Restoration Fund. 

Here’s how it works: you commit to work on your personal project at your home, create a fundraising page and then ask your friends and family to donate to support your restoration project. Every donation you raise goes towards Nature Canada’s Restoration Fund and will be doubled!  This way you are making a difference for nature at home AND raising money for a good cause at the same time!

Ask your friends and family to donate to support your restoration project and their donation will be doubled!

Possible Activities:

Garden Project Ideas: Pollinator Garden, Victory Vegetable Garden, Indoor or Outdoor Herb Gardens, Rock Gardens, Tending to House Plants, Tower Gardens for a Balcony or Small Patio, Transition Lawn to Native Habitat.

Wildlife Project Ideas: Bird Watching, Build Birdhouses, Building Bee Hotels. Provide Cover and Food for Wildlife with Shrubs and Trees. 

Your Own Grow Green @ Home Idea: Share your idea on your fundraising page and inspire others to get creative as well. 


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