Fundraising Tips

You are an incredible advocate, defender and lover of nature. 

Here are some tips and tricks for a successful fundraising campaign

Set an easy goal and raise it later. Start with a goal of $300 and once you approach it, raise the goal a bit higher! Beating the goal is something you can share on social media to encourage more donations. 

Give a gift to yourself! Lead by example. The first donation should be your own. An opening tally above $20 is a great start! Planting the first seed by gifting your own donation and leading by example has an escalating effect. Your friends and family are more likely to give if they see you personally donated as well. 

Ask for set amounts. Encourage people to give specific amounts. If you ask for $30 donations you're likely to achieve $30 donations as opposed to $5 or $10 donations. The Gift Ask amount can vary based on the person, their affinity to you, how much they love nature, and their ability to give. Ask thoughtfully, and don’t sell yourself short. 

Get creative and ask in many different ways. Use social media channels and email.  Ask on email and share on social media as a reminder later. Email asks usually achieve more fundraising success than social media. This is all case by case, but don’t forget to ask by email. You can send an email, share on social media and send a tweet ask right from your fundraising page. 

Tell your story! Get a bit personal. What inspired you to take a stand? Tell your friends and family why you think it’s important enough to donate your time and funds to restore nature. What is your personal connection with the cause? On your fundraiser page share: why you love nature and why you are doing this project to protect and restore more nature. This personal story of why you got involved will make the difference with your friends, family and coworkers. Making the story personal will connect with more potential donors. 

Don’t forget to have fun. Fundraising is not supposed to be a task. You are doing an amazing thing by committing to a project that will restore nature near you. With a positive attitude, you are likely to reach your goal!