Middle East, Africa, South Asia, South America, Europe — Every day, innocent people around the world are being forced to flee their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs. As the only organization mandated to protect refugees and internally displaced people worldwide, UNHCR Canada is calling on YOU to act as grassroots advocates for us and raise crucial funds for more than 79.5 million refugees and displaced people worldwide with your friends and family. Will you commit to defending and restoring the dignity of refugees worldwide with your community? 


Top Participants
Paramount Fine Foods Ramadan Campaign 2018
Raised $38,045.00
Samer Al Jbawi
Raised $20,060.00
Action Venezuela
Raised $16,932.97
South Sudan Relief
Raised $14,220.00
Chris Mckhool
Raised $8,377.00
Luke Tao
Raised $6,035.00
Achraf Gueroun
Raised $4,530.00
Sara Nejat
Raised $2,110.00
David O'Brien
Raised $2,030.00
Cap.TaiM Marketing Inc.
Raised $1,800.00